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About the Ollie Mule

Trail beer in the Boise, Idaho foothills

It's simple really

It's hard to find anything to not like about mountain biking. The people, the outdoors, the post-ride beers... what's not to love?

Located outside of Boise, Idaho, Ollie Mule is simply an extension of my passion for MTB, but with my own voice and attitude.

– Stu Walsh


  • Founded in 2017
  • Very popular in the New England area
  • Several United Kingdom fans
  • You might see MTB legend Richie Schley cruising around SoCal in the Low Rider t-shirt

Brand support

Nobody is officially sponsored by Ollie Mule, but these are the people that help promote the brand:

Kevin Lillywhite 

The Local Shredder

Adrian Phillips

About the goods

While not everything can be sourced from United States, it is part of the focus. The embroidery, screen printing and patches are all done here, and most of the casual t-shirts are also made in the USA.

Get a free sticker

Send us a self-addressed stamped envelope to:

Ollie Mule, LLC
PO Box 557
Kuna, ID 83634

...and we'll send one back. Depending on Ollie's mood, you might even get two.

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