About Us

It's simple really. 

I'm a world-class smart ass, MTB fanatic and I have a high tolerance for risk; so why wouldn't I start a clothing brand with a laughing mule as its logo? I told you it was simple.

The designs, writing and attitude are me – 100 percent. I'm not trying to be like Fox, Troy Lee Designs, Fasthouse or Fly. I have my own style and my own way of marketing it. And if I can't be me and have fun, then there's no point.

– Stu Walsh

Who takes your pics?

Glad you asked. I came across a great guy by the name of Vincent Jaramillo (thelocalshredder) on Instagram who lives in New Jersey. It just so happens Vincent is damn good with a camera, and his friends are some of the raddest riders on the east coast.

Most of the pics on here are by him and he contributes to the Instagram and Facebook accounts. Many thanks goes to Vincent and his crew for some great shots. Without them, Ollie Mule wouldn't be nearly as cool as it is.

Follow The Local Shredder on social media:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheLocalShredder/
Instagram: www.instagram.com/the_local_shredder/

Who are the riders?

Nobody is sponsored or endorses Ollie Mule, but these are the riders that have contributed to promoting the brand:

Vincent Jaramillo
Jamie Freese
Robert Condella
Stu Walsh (me)
Ben Battista
Joe Orrico

About the goods

While we can't always source USA made clothing, we try damn hard to. The shirts and hoodies come from American Apparel (made in the USA when possible), and screen printed in Boise, ID. 

The hats are Yupoong and come from Bangladesh (we haven't found a good US hat manufacturer to work with). The embroidery and patches are done in either Boise, ID or Raleigh, NC.

How do I get a free sticker?

Simple. Send us a self-addressed stamped envelope to:

Ollie Mule, LLC
PO Box 557
Kuna, ID 83634

...and he'll send one back. Depending on Ollie's mood, he might even send you two.

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